Nedohin-Macek Technical Services can perform a variety of tasks to meet your needs. Here are some customer testimonials.

Recover lost files

S. Gurman lost all her family pictures when the manufacturer of her computer's technical support had her reformat and reinstall Windows XP. Nedohin-Macek Technical Services was able to recover 1800 pictures that she thought she had lost forever.

Help you find the perfect computer

D. Tait was heading back to school for her CGA and needed to know if it would be better to upgrade her system or buy a new one. NMTS did the research and helped her price her old system to sell and find the perfect new system to buy.

M. Thiessen wanted to find the right computer for his budget. He wanted to use it as a PVR, for photo manipulation and as an animation studio. NMTS did the research time, made a recommendation and met him at the store to show him the recommended system. He was able to walk into the store and be out the door within 30 minutes with the perfect computer for his needs.