Nedohin-Macek Technical Services can perform a variety of tasks to meet your needs.

We have the technical expertise and knowledge to:

Recover lost files

Using advanced techniques in hardware and software, we are able to search your media, including hard drives from desktops and laptops, Compact Flash type I and II, Smart Media, Secure Digital (SD), MultiMedia, Memory Stick, and MicroDrive to find and recover lost files. If you have recently deleted files or lost them in any other way, turn off your computer immediately and contact us at 204-943-8508. It is critical that you do not continue to work on your computer, as you could be overwriting the files you have just deleted.

Help you find the perfect computer

If you're wondering what computer will meet your needs, from simple email and internet surfing to complex digital animation we can help you narrow down the endless options and find the perfect system that meets your budget, saving you endless hours of surfing the internet, browsing in stores, and wondering if you've made the right choice.

Build your dream machine

If you've got your dream machine in mind but can't find it on the market, we'd love to help you put all the pieces together in a package that will meet and exceed your expectations.

And more...

Contact us if you've got a PCB design you'd like to build, or a software package you'd like written. We'd love to work with you to make your dreams a reality.
We can also do basic web site design, upload, and maintenance.